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 To all our consumers and partners  

We were received complain that there are Taichuan produced IP Door phone products in the overseas market were being printed the logo of 2N which belong to registered trademark of 2N (Czech Republic famous door phone system).

We hereby declare that Taichuan has no responsibility of such violation of other trademarks. And there is no relation between Taichuan and 2N brand in Czech Republic, We issue this warning to all our dealers and consumers to avoid confusion and false purchase. 

All Taichuan products registered under Taichuan trademark and patents, you can see all our Original Taichuan products at our site:
Taichuan also has strategic partners with many of big brands doing with official agreements and you can find some of our partners at this link
If you have question or concerns about suspicious products with other trademark registered name please report to us at this email:
Li Gang/ Overseas Director
Zhuhai Taichuan Cloud Technology Co., Ltd