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2021 CPSE SHENZHEN rounded off perfectly

2021 CPSE SHENZHEN rounded off perfectly

  On December 26-29, 2021, the 18th China International Society Public Safety Products Expo - sure was honored at the Shenzhen Fukuda Convention Center. At this show, Taichuan company bringing entirely new in presenting a scenario scenario scenario of " space animal association ” product integration family, community and city, opening up industrial applications of space animal association product endowment family, community and city, and the entirely new program displays attracting a lot of audience's attention


  Taichuan as an Internet of things high technology enterprise, from AI to the Internet of things, Taichuan shares have been attracting new technology programs to meet the development needs of cities, extending from the community to many industry fields such as municipalities, schools, hotels, hospitals, and so on, to realize the integration of industrial scenarios and applications. Further deepen and broaden the market. At the same time, national policies such as "" new infrastructure "", and "" two carbon "" have been upheld, injecting new kinetic energy into the industry for continued development.

  Taichuan satisfies communities and families with a powerful smart community platform and a new "new generation of smart community business model" and helps them upgrade their operational capabilities. At the same time, Taichuan keeps introducing new and diverse product lines to meet the needs of projects at different prices.

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