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2023 Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition)perfect end.

Taichuan Cloud Technology Co., Ltd (short as Taichuan) brought its latest self-developed overseas wireless doorbell, smart digital building intercom, AII IN ONE smart central control screen, multi-scene smart switch, 2-wire intercom set and other products to the Hong Kong Electronics Fair. The exhibition site was crowded with people. It attracted the attention of many visitors.

ALL IN ONE Smart home control penal

Video intercom function: visit record, 2 way video intercom, access control, community message

Equipped with various sensors and relays, smart home gateway, smart home device display and control

Multi scene linkage & screen fusion

                                                                               SIP intercom solution

                                                                      2 WIRE & 4 WIRE AHD VDP KIT

During the exhibition, exhibits of Taichuan  attracted many domestic and foreign exhibitors to visit.

Overseas sales elites on site introduced products fluently in both languages, warmly received customers throughout the process and answered them in detail. Let the audience feel the professional design, craftsmanship quality and practical ability of Taichuan products at close range.

With modern, simple and fashionable style, Taichuan has created a series of intelligent building visual intercom products with fashionable appearance, leading technology and stable performance. It always guided the latest concept and innovation direction in the industry.

The four-day exhibition came to an end. Taichuan oversea team is targeting new opportunities, striving for excellence, providing forward-looking technological products and solutions to meet market needs, and deepening and broadening the industrial structure. Improve brand awareness and competitiveness in overseas markets, and create more value for global partners.