Stock No.832214(NEEQ)


5000-Outdoor Station


Outdoor station:

Monitor:10" Capacitive Touch Screen
OS: Android7.1. Flash: 8G:Memory: 2G
Camera: Dual camera with 1080P Resolution
Facial Recognition: Real face detection, max support 1:10000+
Physical interface: RJ45、RS485、Pulse unlock;;
Communication mode: TCP/IP;
Card Type: IC、ID Card Option;
Camera: Color CMOS 2.0Mega Pixel
Power Supply: DC 12V/3A;POE 48V
Machine Dimension: 173.4*392.3*32.9mm               
Embedded dimension:160*390*35mm
Working Environment:
Temperature: -25℃ to +55℃;


■10" Touch screen
■High resolution dual camera
■Flushing installation
■Call Resident    
■Card Unlocking
■Leave Message 
■Digital Camera
■Touch Panel