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TAICHUAN IP Android Smart Intercom
WHAT IS AN IP Intercom?

Is an IP Intercom System a VoIP system, a cloud-based system, a SIP system? Yes. By definition, an IP intercom can be all of those.


IP intercom systems are a modern solution that connects to CAT5 cable or wireless infrastructure to transmit data, and often IP intercoms cut down on the amount of cabling needed.

Think computer network. The intercom door stations and video monitors are connected to a centralised PoE (Power over Ethernet) switch for power and connect the Intercom door stations and monitors for digital video & audio data transmission.

IP Intercoms are full-duplex. Both parties can talk at the same time, just like a telephone call. Video in high definition and audio quality is crystal clear perfect no matter what distance the signal needs to travel.

What are the advantages of a IP Intercom System?

Easy planning & installation with fewer components
Performance quality & digital video clarity

Integrates with IP camera systems

Key-less entry Face/Passwork/IC card

Smart device integration

What is TAICHUAN Android IP Intercom System?

Support Tuya App Remote Control and Cloud Talk

Capacitive Touch IPS Screen

Wifi connect to internet

High capacitive CPU

Android OS

Video door phone

Easy to Configuration

Support WiFi Smart home Control

8" Touch screen

High resolution dual camera

Flushing installation

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Card Unlocking

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Digital Camera

Touch Panel

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Card Unlocking

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